About Us

Chaitanya Digambar Gokhale

Meet your personal financial portfolio consultant and your friend-philosopher-guide!
What started as an LIC agency, has become a state-of-the-art financial consultancy firm. Behind this extraordinary progression is our owner Mr. Chaitanya Gokhale’s thoughtful vision and his mindful involvement with his every client. Although his 32-year long journey has been testing, it has been truly commendable. His passion of devising the perfect solution through an in-depth analysis and evaluation of a client’s financial profile, remains the same.


Why insurance?

We, at Proactive investments continue to work hard and gain our customers’ trust and respect. We strive to help them achieve their financial goals and aspirations. Our aim is to make our clients aware of their financial investments and guide them through the journey of financial planning. They can then, comfortably choose between various products that meet their individual needs. These products help customers secure the “sure events” in their lives and give them the financial freedom to follow their dreams.

An expert’s advice, which makes us aware of the unforeseen risks in our lives and motivates us to prioritize our preferences, is priceless. Starting at an early age is a key factor in investments and savings. It allows one to have a prolonged investment plan and gives them an opportunity to enjoy the enormous compounding effect in their earnings.

Having an experience of more than 30 years, Proactive has been instrumental in spreading confidence and joy amongst our clients. With efficient risk and insurance management tools, we are the one stop solution for every individual’s financial requirements.

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